This website is an insight to my personal work.
I am a Frankfurt based conceptional designer and business developer.

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conception and design of business design projects in a studio of DIRECTORS BUSINESS DEVELOPERS ENGINEERS PROGRAMMERS MODELERS CONSULTANTS


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Business Development Interface

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I collect images to help me talking about aesthetics. Here are some of my tumblrs.


timeless truth and temptation


inspiration – me myself and i


new – start something new every week


monsieur denoir


Preparation is the major aspect of our work. In order to get the most interesting, convincing and unexpected result we try to go different ways of research for every project. We collect visual as well es theoretical information and put it together to get new perspectives.


We focus on solutions with a view of the whole thing and focus on the essentials: innovative, tangible, radically user-oriented.


We accompany our clients self-dependent and proactive through all project phases from analysis via concept design to implementation. This allows optimum and – in the best sense – sustainable results. Furthermore it includes as well the management of all relevant interfaces to other parties and/or persons in charge within this process.

We are convinced, that fun and passion are linked inseparably with good work - both during the process and in the final outcome. Therefore we set high value on respectful cooperation and on possibilities to support and to serve one's curiosity within the project work and beyond.

Being fast and flexible, our structure is capable to work on a big variety of projects simultaneously, all within time schedules and budgets and under changing circumstances.

In addition to our own competences we fall back to a network of renowned partners, managing strategic and editorial as well as artwork, interactive multimedia- and web-based aspects.


From first sketches to final production. We don't drop out of the process, we keep it together.

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